Conference Registration:

    (1) Participants are responsible for own travel and accommodation expenses.

    (2) Early-bird registration fees (paid in full before Sept. 19th, 2024) are 2400 RMB (US$ 320) for regular participant, 1600 RMB (US$ 240) for student and 4000 RMB (US$ 640) for business representatives. Regular (after Sept. 19th, 2024) and on-site registration fees are 3000 RMB (US$ 400) for regular participant, 2000 RMB (US$ 300) for student and 5000 RMB (US$ 800) for business representatives. Students are required to present his/her student ID on-site(Registration fee includes meeting fee, meals and material fee etc.).

    (3) The on-site registration desk is open at the lobby of the Genpla Hotel between 10:00-20:00 on Oct. 17th and at the meeting venue between 8:30-12:30 on Oct. 18th.

    (4) If you arrive at the hotel earlier or later than these times, please check in at the hotel first and then contact conference service group to arrange your registration.

    Abstract submission:

    (1)Abstract submission shall be doe online at The length of an abstract shall be limited to 400 words and NOT more than one page.

    (2)5-10 abstracts will be selected by the Scientific Committee for short talk.

    (3)An abstract shall be submitted by Sept. 1st, 2024, for consideration of short talk an opportunity and by Sept 19th, 2024, for poster presentation only.

    (4)The standard poster size is 90 cm (width) x 120 cm (length). Poster printing service will be provided at a rpice of RMB 200 per print. 

    Conference presentations

    Software: It is recommended that participants use Microsoft PowerPoint for their presentation. Special needs should be arranged with the symposium secretaries in advance.

    Presentation files: PC-based presentations should be fully compatible on the computers in the auditorium. If your file is prepared on a Mac, please make sure that it is compatible with a PC. We recommend that you upload your presentation files to the auditorium computer before your session begins.

    Timings: Each regular talk should be 15 min plus an additional 5 min for discussion.


    Payment Method:

    Online payment can be made through bank transfer, wechat Pay and PayPal, while on-site payment can be made by scanning code of wechat Pay, swiping card.

    (1) Remittance registration payment and collection account information: 

    Name of payee:深圳市深大倚风文化发展有限公司

    Account number:762767489277

    Bank name:中国银行股份有限公司深圳深大支行

    (2)Online payment:

    Click here to register 
    Early-bird  fees :  before Sept. 19th, 2024
    (3)Lease make remarks for online banking remittance :isddrhd+Name

    (4)Electronic invoices will be issued for the conference (VAT ordinary invoice)

    invoice issuing entity:深圳市深大倚风文化发展有限公司

    invoice item:会议费

    tip:After registration, the electronic invoice will be sent to the registration email address

    (5)Attention:The conference supports bulk registration. Please contact the Conference team if necessary